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Article: Tips for a successful bath

Tips pour un bain réussi

Tips for a successful bath

Tips for a successful bath

You will soon have a child and certain aspects of your future daily life as mom or dad stress you a little? You have never given a bath to a child or an infant and are afraid of not knowing how to manage the situation? Do you have little space at home and are looking for solutions to manage your bathroom space? Do you want this moment to be pleasant for you and for your baby? You want to create a moment of complicity but do not know how to go about it?

☝️ If you are concerned by any of the points listed above, then this article will give you the keys to managing baby's bath like a chef!

🛁 The importance of bathing

Let's start by understanding why it is so important to give your baby daily baths.

Of course, the main goal is to get your baby clean. But that's not its only use!

This is a very important moment in the development and awakening of your little one. And in addition to creating a strong bond with parents, it helps to stimulate baby's senses :

Touch : Being immersed in water at the right temperature will allow your baby to relax, stretch, do his gymnastics gently. Touching it, rubbing it gently with your hand or a washcloth, massaging it, rinsing it and drying it will get your baby used to physical contact. He will discover his body and all the tactile sensations that this moment can give him while splashing around.

👂 Hearing : While bathing, take the opportunity to talk to your baby. Tell him what you are doing gently, you will see that he will listen and try to interact in his own way! Twitter, cries of joy, laughter and smiles will be there. This exchange between you and your child will get him used to the sound of your voice and social interactions.

👃 Smell : Even if you have to avoid products with too aggressive scents, use natural hygiene products, shampoo, baby massage oil and with sweet and stimulating scents. Baby's sense of smell will develop all the faster!

👀 The view : Baby likes to have fun and grab everything that comes to hand? Put some colorful toys in his bath! He will be able to catch them while you bathe him. In addition to preventing him from pulling on your hair, the toys will stimulate his vision. Colors, shapes, fluid mechanics (😉)… Every second is learning for an infant.

🧼 Good practices

Let's now come to the main concepts to understand how to give your baby a quality and risk-free bath.

🌡️ Temperature : The ideal temperature for bathing an infant is 37.5°. Never run the water from the hand shower directly on baby's skin after having placed him in his bathtub.
Ideally, use an electronic thermometer or a traditional thermometer to check the water temperature.
If you don't have the means to measure the temperature exactly, dip your elbow in the water to assess the temperature.
Some baby baths have a heat-sensitive plug whose color changes when the temperature exceeds 38°. The room should ideally be at 22-24° to avoid too much heat and cold which could make baby sick.
🌱 Hypoallergenic products : Whether it's shampoo, toilet milk or moisturizer, always use products suitable for baby's delicate skin. Choose natural products, with little or no perfume and dermatologically validated for sensitive skin. Do not hesitate to check the composition of the products you want to use by scanning the barcode with an application like 'Yuka' which will inform you of potentially harmful products.
Frequency: It's not mandatory to bathe your baby every day, but if it's possible to make it a daily ritual that's a big plus. On the other hand, it is necessary to give him a little toilet with a washcloth or a washcloth every day to clean the face: in particular the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the neck as well as the hands and the parts genitals during diaper changes.

🤔 What material to use?

There are several types of equipment to bathe your infant or child safely. The choice will be made mainly in relation to the space you have and the budget.

  1. The Rigid Baby Bathtub : Solid and affordable, it can be a good choice for parents on a tight budget. It can be used as a basin once baby is too old to bathe in it.

  2. The bath chair : Rather used for newborns, it will be placed directly in your bathtub. Also called a bath seat, it is relatively inexpensive and will allow you to have your hands free to wash your baby.

  3. The combined bathtub : Very practical, this pedestal bathtub can also be used as a changing table. On the other hand, plan a space large enough to store it, it takes up space! The budget for this type of object is generally quite high.

  4. The inflatable bathtub : This timeless will always have its place in families before young children. Deflated, it takes up almost no space, which makes it very easily transportable and its cost is lower. Remember to bring an inflator!

  5. The foldable bathtub : This bathtub adapts to all situations. Very easy to store in case you run out of space, you can also easily transport it and use it both in your shower and in your bathtub (if its size allows it). Variable price depending on the quality, you will find something for all wallets.

🙌 Good habits:

Finally, always remember that your baby should never be left unattended. This is why it is always necessary to prepare the ground before taking baby to bathe. If you miss something, it will be difficult for you to go back and forth with baby in your arms.

This moment should be like a ritual to relax and calm him down before going to bed. So take your time, put down your phone, and enjoy this beautiful privileged moment with your child.

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