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Article: Baby's first outdoor swim

Première baignade en extérieur pour bébé

Baby's first outdoor swim

His first outdoor swim

It's almost the holidays and you're planning to go relax in the sun by the water?

The first trips with an infant are always a little stressful. You have to think of everything so as not to find yourself embarrassed at the time when you should be relaxing and taking time for yourself and enjoying your little one.

To help you be ready for this adventure, we have created a list of equipment to take with you to be prepared for any situation!

🎒Prepare your bag:

  • A large bath towel (even several just in case 😉)
  • Diapers, wipes, cleansing cream
  • Sunglasses for babies (CE label with protection 3 or 4)
  • Special infant sunscreen
  • A water mister
  • A cap or hat
  • A swimsuit
  • Clothing to protect your skin + spare clothing
  • A basin, foldable bathtub or inflatable bathtub
  • A parasol or a tent
  • A changing mat (optional: a towel may be sufficient)
  • A lightweight baby lounger
  • Baby bottles and water bottles
  • Ready-made food packaged for easy use (canned or kept refrigerated)
  • Toys suitable for water
  • Small towels to moisten to wash your face or refresh it

🏖️ Discovery of the swimming pool/sea

That's it, you are equipped and finally ready to introduce new sensations to your little one!

Once you arrive at your destination, take your time to make yourself comfortable and protect your baby from the sun, heat (or cold), harmful insects (mosquitoes, etc.)


🍼 In infants/newborns:

If he is not yet able to hold his head up, hold your little one in your arms and sit at the edge of the water. You can dip his feet in it and gently accustom him to this environment which changes from the intimacy of the bath. Go slowly and wet it little by little, especially if the water is not very hot.

If your baby seems to like the water, and if it is not too cold, you can even try swimming with him for a little while. Hold him well throughout the swim for his safety, keep his head out of the water, and get out at the slightest sign of discomfort on his part.

👶 In babies:

If he can sit up alone, equip him with a buoy, a life jacket, armbands, etc. Always stay close and hold the child even if he or she appears comfortable in the water. He will be able to splash around with you without risk.

If you don't want to swim but enjoy your day with your baby in the sun in a pleasant setting, you can also take a basin/foldable bathtub/inflatable bathtub to let him have fun in the water or in the sand by your side . Don't forget the toys! They will occupy it for a while so that you can take some time to breathe.

Be careful not to leave him in the sun when playing or sleeping: a parasol is essential to protect his fragile skin

🙀 What if he’s scared?

Above all, never force him to bathe. He might have stressful memories of this outing. Take it step by step, play with him at the water's edge, reassure him, talk to him and above all encourage him! Next time he might be more comfortable.

🎲 Some game and activity ideas: 

Walk in the water with baby in your arms, kick your feet in the water to make splashes, make sand pies, show him shells or fish if there are any around the edge of the water, take out his favorite toys…. And don’t hesitate to share with us your first swimming experiences with your little one!

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