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CROCOKID® - Elastic Band for Baby Bath Kit

Sale price€5,90
CROCOKID® - Elastique de Transport pour Kit Bain Bébé - Crocokid
CROCOKID® - Elastic Band for Baby Bath Kit Sale price€5,90

We have tested and compared all the bathtubs on the market for you

Premium quality baby bath

See for yourself the difference in quality of our foldable baby bath compared to other brands. (They all offer the same very poor quality: it's only their design that changes)


A double shell to make it unbreakable


Designed to attach the cushion and facilitate its transport


A notch for the shower head or a parasol


The drain plug becomes transparent when the water is at the right temperature

Easy storage

Big but small

Save space with its 10 cm height when folded! It can be easily stored anywhere and adapts to all spaces. It's the same in the trunk of the car when you're traveling on vacation or to see family.

Bathe baby wherever you want

use of the bathtub

Be careful not to place our folding bathtub in your classic bathtub if its bottom is rounded. His feet could dislocate under the weight of the water. However, it is suitable for those with a flat bottom.